FMRA Meeting Minutes


March 4, 2017

Meeting commenced at 12:10

Attendees:  Bob Hayden, Roberta Gilbert, Ray Gonzales, Candace Raupach, Paul Raupach, Gail Ashley, Jessie Martindale, Ben Branyon, Karen Cagliaro

Meeting minutes of March 5, 2016 were approved unanimously

Nominations for 2017 board members were heard and approved:  Candace Raupach, Chair, Jessie Martindale, Vice Chair, Karen Cagliaro Treasurer/Secretary, Paul Raupach Road Maintenance Coordinator/At Large, Gail Ashley At Large

Chairperson Report:  Have sent out 2017 Newsletter and Road Fees Invoices.

Secretary/Treasurer Report:  2016 Bank Balance $2,387.46.  Road Fees Income to date $4,430.00  Website and Office expenses $211.93  Road Maintenance expenses $0  Balance $6,605.53.  Will make load payment of $3,300 today.

Road Maintenance Coordinator Report:  Continue to maintain shoulders of paved section of road and will be obtaining “cut-back” material to patch any pot holes that appear. Have experienced a lot of commercial vehicle traffic recently due to cannabis growers.  Candace and I maintain the bottom of Falcon Mine Road annually to ensure its continued integrity.  Focus of other maintenance is to keep El Camino Casale open through to Darby Lane as an emergency exit/entrance.

New Business:  Need a new Brush Committee Chair and to schedule a work day.  Ben Branyon volunteered.

Other:  Cannabis growers volunteered to buy gravel and perform needed work on sections of road near their grows.


March 5, 2016

Meeting commenced at 11:10

Attendees:  Paul and Candace Raupach, Trase Gonzales, Jessie Martindale, Karen Cagliaro, Bob Hayden, Ben Branyon

Meeting minutes of November 7, 2015 were approved unanimously

Nominations for 2016 board members were heard and approved: Candace Raupach Chair; Jessie Martindale Vice Chair; Karen Cagliaro Secretary/Treasurer; Trase Gonzales At Large; Paul Raupach Road Maintenance Coordinator.

Chairperson Report: Reported there are 8 new property owners since last year and several properties still for sale.  Invoices and newsletters were sent in February.

Secretary/Treasurer Report: Balance beginning in January was $3,078.00. Office and Web costs to date $212.00.  Road fees income $4,700.00. Loan payment $3,900.00

Road Maintenance Coordinator Report: Paul said he is continuing to keep the drainage clear to protect our roads.  We had a very successful Brush Day with 8 volunteers on February 27th.  Thanks to our Brush Committee Chair Carl Martindale and all the volunteer property owners!

Other items:  Discussion about signage including replacing old wooden street signs with green and white signs as it becomes necessary. Will replace Murphys Camp Road sign right away.  Jessie asked for and got approval to design and install a new sign at the marquis with all the street names and direction signs.

Discussion regarding dead trees:  Information in newsletter about contacting PG&E about removing trees threatening power lines.  Hope property owners will follow through.

Meeting adjourned at 12:05



November 7, 2015

Meeting commenced at 11:00 AM

Attendees: Candace and Paul Raupach, Trase Gonzales, Karen Cagliaro, Gail Ashley, Jessie Martindale.

The Meeting Minutes of March 7, 2015 were approved unanimously

Chairperson Report:

Sent out 2nd invoices in June, received a few more payments.  The only Full Time residents who still have not paid are on the paved section: Oddo, Westerhoff and Sweetland.

Paid property owners this year at 56% – the most ever!

I will be going to the Assessor’s Office to get updated property owner info before the 2016 invoice goes out.  There are 10 properties currently for sale in Murphys Pines.

Please send me any items you would like to include in the next newsletter.

Secretary/Treasurer Report:

2015 Road fees income: $7,180.00

Expenditures:  Office: $69.00 Materials: $777.00 Loan Repayment: $6,574.00

Outstanding Loan balance: $12,460.00

Road Maintenance Coordinator Report:

Continue to do road maintenance such as ditch maintenance and grading side roads as needed.  Unable to maintain some ditches where property owners have failed to clear brush enough to get tractor in.

Please help keep our roads in good shape by clearing blockages you see in drainage ditches.  It takes a few seconds and just your hands to clear leaves and pine needles.

Ray Gonzales has again requested two truck and transfer loads of rock to work on the road between El Camino Casale and Pappalardo.  He will volunteer his time to spread the rock. His request was approved. Budget request for $3,000.00 for next year’s maintenance also approved.

Requested help with a brushing committee.  Jessie agreed to try again as last year no one volunteered.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45


March 7, 2015

Meeting Minutes

Meeting commenced at 11:00 A.M.

Attending:  Candace Raupach, Gail Ashley, Trase Gonzales, Jessie Martindale, Karen Cagliaro.

The meeting minutes of August 13, 2014 were approved unanimously.

Chairperson report: 

  • Leap property, Lot 93 sold to Steven Harris.  Waldron property, Lot 91c sold to Asselin.
  • Invoices for 2015 have been mailed out.  A second invoice to non-payers will be sent in May or June

Treasurer/Secretary Report:

  • Budget for 2015 includes the usual $3,000.00 for road maintenance and $300.00 for office and web site.
  • An initial repayment to Paul Raupach for his loan to the association was $3,950.00 leaving a balance due $15,064.

Road Maintenance Coordinator Report:

  • Black Gold Paving will be returning to sweep the chips off the road once we have had enough rain to mitigate the dust it would otherwise cause.
  • Ray Gonzales has requested a truck and transfer of gravel to maintain the section of road from the intersection.  The members present approved the request.
  • The Brush Day scheduled for February 28th was cancelled as no property owners volunteered to work.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:05


Falcon Mine Road Association Meeting – August 13, 2014

Started at 11:00 a.m. at Murphys Library

Attendees: Paul and Candace Raupach, Rob Westerhoff, Carl and Jessie Martindale, Jay Grimstead, Trace Gonzales

Approval of Meeting Minutes of January 11, 2014

Chairperson Report: Candace gave an update regarding the two invoices that have been sent to property owners since January.  More than 50% of property owners have paid.  Still 8 full time residents who use the road daily with multiple cars who do not pay the road fees. Very frustrating.

Secretary/Treasurer Report: Karen is ill, so Candace gave the report: Road Fees income since January $7,700.00. Expenditures: $180.00 office and website expenses; $1,382.32 Road Maintenance expenses; Bank balance: $29,878.50

Road Maintenance Coordinator Report: Paul gave an update on road maintenance activities since January.  Presented bids for chip seal paving the 1st 1/2 mile of Ponderosa which has been our goal since the beginning of FMRA.  Costs have continued to rise, so the $30,000.00 goal is not enough to do the job.  Paul presented 3 bids from licensed paving contractors and recommended the least expensive which was also the only contractor who will do major prep and 2 lifts of chip seal.  Discussion followed.  A motion was made to use $27,000.00 of FMRA funds and accept an advance of $19,014 from Paul Raupach to be paid back without interest as road fees are collected.  Road maintenance budget of $3,000.00 will be funded first, as will the $300.00 office budget. Motion seconded by Carl Martindale; motion passed with Trase Gonzales voting against and all other members present and in good standing voting for the motion.

Paul asked for a volunteer to head up the Brush Committee as Ray Gonzales is not able to continue due to time constraints.  Carl Martindale volunteered and was thanked by all for taking on the commitment.

Meeting adjourned at 12:18 p.m.

Falcon Mine Road Association Meeting – January 11, 2014

Started at 11:03 a.m. at Murphys Library

Attendees: Paul and Candace Raupach, Karen Cagliaro, Robert Nelson, Trase Gonzales, Gail Ashley, Jay Grimstead, Jessie Martindale

Approval of March 2, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Election of Officers for 2014: Candace Raupach nominated and accepted as Chair;    Jessie Martindale nominated and accepted at Vice Chair;   Robert Nelson nominated and accepted as At-Large; Karen Cagliaro nominated and accepted as Secretary/Treasurer; Paul Raupach nominated and accepted as At-Large and Road Maintenance Coordinator.

Chairperson Report: Candace will send out invoices for 2014 and a newsletter within a month.  Asked for input for the newsletter from those present.  New property owners are Roberta Gilbert (lot 58) and Dan & Kathleen Holley (lot 84A)

Treasurer/Secretary Report:  Balance in FMRA account $23,740.82. 2014 budget requests for Office $300.00 approved; for road maintenance $3,000.00 approved.  Prudent reserve remains $2,000.00.

Road Maintenance Coordinator Report: Paul discussed the road maintenance and lack of rain making it very difficult to work on the roads.  Has been doing some clearing of brush from the road easement.  There has not been a volunteer brush day for several years.  The fire department has stated that they will not bring trucks into roads with less than 15′ clearance. Property owners are responsible for such clearance.  Hoping for rain!

Old Business: By-laws amendments proposed and accepted at the March 2013 meeting were accepted and will be posted on the web-site. The amendment affects meeting notice requirement and changes quarterly meeting requirement to meetings as needed: no longer need to send out post-cards, but will now post meeting notice on web-site 30 days before meeting date.

Meeting adjourned: 12:30 pm