Falcon Mine Road Association

(Also known as Murphys Pines Neighborhood Group)


1. Name:  Falcon Mine Road Association (also known as Murphys Pines Neighborhood Group)

2. Object of this group is to repair, maintain, and improve the roads that are included in the Murphys Pines Subdivision.

3. Definitions: The definitions of terms used in this document are contained in the attached document titled Definitions.

4. Goals
a. Improve access to all Murphy Pines property.
b. Recruit volunteers from owners to serve on the committee and work on roads.
c. To keep all property owners in Murphys Pines informed on current events and actions taken by this group.
d. Encourage all owners to monetarily contribute to road upkeep, in the amount of $240.00 per developed lot and $120.00 per undeveloped lot annually with an additional $500.00 for new construction (one-time fee).

5. Membership
a. Membership is restricted to owners of property in the Murphys Pines Subdivision and owners of property that is accessed exclusively through the private roads of the subdivision, or that is accessed via Falcon Mine Road.
b. Members may be eligible to vote at group meetings only if they have paid the road maintenance fees recommended by the Executive Board and the board of directors (defined as a “voting member”).
c. Any member of the subdivision, eligible or not, may attend any meeting of the Falcon Mine Road Association.
6. Voting
a. Members are granted one vote per parcel assuming fees have been paid on said parcel or parcels.
b. If an individual is renting a parcel and that parcels fees have been paid, the individual may vote for the parcel owner with written permission from the owner of that parcel.

7. Officers – Officers of the FMRA will include a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, a Secretary/Treasurer (which will be referred to as the Executive Board in this document) and two members of the Board of Directors.
a. Officers shall be elected at a regular annual meeting. The person receiving the most votes for an office shall be elected.
b. Officers shall be elected yearly.
c. The Executive Board, the board of directors and voting members shall determine officer’s duties. The duties determined by this board and members will be attached to this document.

8. Meetings
a. Regular meeting shall be held as needed to conduct business of the association at a time and place determined by the Executive Board and Board of Directors.
b. The annual elections of officers shall be held during the first meeting of the year on a specific date determined by the Executive Board and Board of Directors.
c. Members shall have a 30 day notice on all regular meetings
d. Meeting minutes will be sent out to each property owner or published on a web site.
e. A quorum required to conduct business at any meeting shall be the members present, if meeting notice has been posted on the FMRA website at least 30 days prior to the meeting.
f. All meetings are open to residents and property owners in Murphys Pines.
g. Authority for conduct of meeting and order of business shall be “Roberts Rules of Order”.

9. Committees
a. Road Maintenance – The Executive Board and Board of directors shall appoint a member or members to advise the committee and the members on solutions and cost to maintain repair and improve the roads in this subdivision. He/she/they may work alone or form a sub-committee of members. The association may take action on the recommendation of the Road Maintenance Committee by vote of the Executive Board and the Board of Directors.

10. Method of Amending – These By-Laws can be amended at any regular meeting with a written presentation of the amendment at the last regular meeting. A majority vote will pass or defeat the proposed amendment.

Amended January 11, 2014