Road Maintenance Report

Road Maintenance Coordinator Report
August 2014 – March 2015

• Coordinated chip-seal paving of first 1/2 mile of Ponderosa and 3/10 mile of El Camino Casale
• Continued brush work on first 1/2 mile, approximately six truckloads and finally able to burn the staggering pile in Feb leaving the lot in good shape
• Continued grading and ditch maintenance of first 1/2 mile and balance of 6 miles
• Sealed the bottom of Falcon Mine Road again and swept the gravel off after the big Feb storm

Since our last meeting we had a major rainstorm testing the drainage on our roads. Happy to report that we did very well with only one mud slide and numerous pine needle and leaf blockages (these can easily be cleared by anyone who sees them, it takes only your hands and 15-30 seconds, but saves the road!) I spent most time on the drainage on the 1st 1/2 mile of Ponderosa and hand dug the crossover drainage on Falcon Mine Road. Drainage on El Camino Casale to Darby is in good shape, but the road needs brushing again to make our alternative fire exit safe. I have been in touch with Murphys Fire Chief Kovacs who continues to look for grant funding. FMRA split a load of gravel with a property owner. 12 tons was dropped near the end of the pavement and will be used to improve El Camino Casale from the drop point working toward Pearson Passage.